Tapping Arms - Electric, Pneumatic, Accessories



Roscamat, Tecnospiro Machine Tool S.L.U

Roscamat is a brand of TECNOSPIRO MACHINE TOOL which was founded in 1987. After 36 years in the market, covering the five continents with more than 85 countries, Roscomat is proud to be a reference in the market and proud to have more than 30,000 machines working successfully. Their revolutionary offering of articulated tapping arms cover threads from M2 up to M36, using different interchangeable speeds. Tapping arms are offered in both pneumatic and electric machines. Roscamat arms are also successfully used for chamfering, countersinking, drilling, reaming, inserts and helicoils. Roscomat is proud to be the first manufacturer applying new technologies, our electric machines offer lower power consumption, reduced noise, and more.


1. Electric Tapping Arms : Articulated tapping arms with high frequency electric motors specifically designed for tapping with capacities from M2 up to M36 in steel.

Electric Tapping Arms

2. Pneumatic Tapping Arms : Articulated tapping arms with the most durable pneumatic motors with capacities from M2 up to M24 in steel.

Pneumatic Tapping Arms

3. Accessories : Find all the accessories available for tapping, drilling, reaming and countersinking as well as to adapt the tapping arms to your work station.