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NOCOR™ E6 Low V.O.C. Emulsion Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate
NOCOR™ E6 is a super-concentrated, barium-free, water-based emulsion rust inhibitor that will protect steel, cast iron, and other ferrous parts from in-plant corrosion for up to six months. Parts coated with NOCOR™ E6 have a soft, almost invisible film that is easily removed using mild cleaners.

  • Environmental approvals are simplified because NOCOR™ E6 is nitrite, barium, boron, phenol, and phosphate free
  • NOCOR™ E6 is low foaming, for use in low-pressure spray washers and flow coating operations. Dip application is also a good way to apply this product
  • An excellent choice where both ferrous and/or copper alloy parts are being processed
  • NOCOR™ E6 has a moderate pH, is practically odorless, and it’s nonflammable for improved safety
  • Working concentration ranges from 4% to 16% which translates into much lower cost than traditional straight oil/solvent products
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